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Company Profile



Tlaton Containers Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of tailored packaging solutions made of wood, corrugated cardboard, and plastic.

Tlaton Containers is a one-stop shop offering customers optimal packaging solutions including design, drawing, and manufacturing of packages.

Containers are manufactured according to customer requirements and with adherence to Israeli, military, and international standards including: MIL standard, ISPM15, ROHAS, PPIS, etc. The company itself is governed by the quality management system of ISO 9001:2008.

The company was founded in 1988 and currently employs over 60 people. Our new factory was built in 2009 and is located at the industrial area of Yad Binyamin, Israel.


Cardboard Packaging

We manufacture and supply of all corrugated cardboard packaging solutions (single wall, double wall, and triple wall).

We offer multiple color print, variety of molded and padded packaging solutions integrating any needed materials according to customer requirements.

Wrap Around Packaging

Tlaton Containers is among Israeli pioneers in wrap around packaging solutions offering integrated cardboard and wood solutions including interior padding designed manufactured in-house for optimal suitability.

Wood Crates

Wood crates are manufactured and supplied using a broad range of materials including: treated wood, plywood, OSB and combinations thereof. Padding and fixtures include foam, metal, and plastic, frames, handles, harnesses, metal reinforcements, quick clasps, metal handles, spring locks, metal brackets for lifting heavy equipment, belt tightening solutions, protection and lifting accessories and other enhancements as necessary. The company has qualified for ISPM15 standard.

Molded & Padded Packaging

As part of the packaging solution, we use molded and padded interior parts designed using 3D CAD software. Materials and designs all adhere to customer requirements. Nearly all of our packaging materials are recyclable, and all packaging solutions may include print elements.

Paper Bags

Tlaton Containers is the represent a global manufacturer of innovative and robust paper bag solutions.


We offer up to 9 print colors, up to 6 manufacturing layers, polyethylene plating, standardization (including food certified standards). Paper bags may be designed and manufactured with or without closing mechanism, according to customer requirements.

Tlaton Flying Cases (TFC)

Our tailor made flying cases are designed and built according to customer specifications. Both external and interior designs employ materials of the highest quality.

Tlaton Plastic Cases (TPC)

Our tailor made plastic cases are designed and built according to customer specifications. While cases are typically bought in local markets or overseas, all interior parts are designed and manufactured in-house. Both external and interior designs employ materials of the highest quality

Tlaton Military Cases (TMC):

Tlaton Containers is the represent a global manufacturer of military cases. Our tailor made military cases are designed and built according to customer specifications and adhere to standards such as MIL and IP65 as well as other relevant requirements. We design and manufacture all interior parts in-house.

Engineering & Design

Tlaton’s well experienced engineers design and deliver optimal solutions using 3D CAD software. We supply prototypes for mass-production that take into account all relevant variables such as: structure, size, shock absorbency, security, harnessing requirements, materials, and any other necessary parameters.

Outsourcing & Logistics

Tlaton outsources its highly trained personnel, facilitating professional packaging worldwide.

Our team is guaranteed to supply fast response, easy collaboration, a positive “can do” approach, and high customer orientation.